Rich Industries #: PB

Polyurethane Bags

Produced with Dureflex © film, Rich Industries, Inc. polyurethane bags are constructed for maximum strength and durability.

Available in ether based or ester based film, any color or size, these bags work great in any environment and are a must when resistance to tearing or snagging is critical.

You can be confident your contents are protected from airborne particulates, moisture and other contaminants.

All bags can be radio frequency welded for compliance with federal specification bondability requirements.

PropertyUnitsEtherEsterTest Method
Hardness (Shore A)8793-95ASTM D-2240
Specific Gravity1.141.21ASTM D-792
100% Modulus (MD/CD Avg.)psi9252100ASTM D-882
300%Modulus(MD/CDAvg.)psi22757000ASTM D-882
Ultimate Tensile psi850010,000ASTM D-882
Ultimate Elongation%625450ASTM D-882
TearResistanceLb./in525650ASTM D-1004

polyurethane bag
polyurethane bag
polyurethane bag