Protective Clothing

Rich Industries has been helping protect worker's safety since 1975.  

Whether you need our technologically advanced air-supplied suits, or simple coveralls or shoe covers, we can supply you with products that will fit any need.

Level B Air Supply Suit

Air suppllied Suits are available in :

  • Constructed using 2 ply Saranex and reinforcing NFPA-701 flame resistant scrim for maximum protection and strength. 
  • Heavy duty boots and cuffs. 
  • Designed for use in radiological airborn contamination. 
  • Air supply adaptability. 

Sizes: Small, Medium, Large, Large Tall, X-Large & 2XL
Material: Flame Resistant Scrim Reinforced with 2 ply Dow Saranex

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PVC Air Supplied Suits

  • Pull-over jacket with attached semi-rigid polyurethane cuffs.
  • Pull- over pants with attached boots and fire retardant suspenders. 
  • Available with over-sized hoods to accommodate hardhats.
  • Breathable tyvek neck and waistband. 

Sizes: Small, Large, Tween, Extra Large 

Material: 6 or 12 mil Frosty Clear Fire Retardant Polyvinyl Chloride

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Welder Series Air Supply Suits

  • Pull-over jacket with attached polyurethane cuffs
  • Pull-over pants with attached boots
  • Welders style helmet with chin rest and ratchet style head gear
  • Viewing lens made of 40 mil semi-rigid plastic

Size: Large

Materials: 12 mil fire retardant frosty clear PVC

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Two-Piece Suits

Ideal for light protection against the dry particles and liquid sprays of most acids and solvents. 

Standard features include:

  • Air inlet tube and exhaust
  • attached boots and dosimeter strap
  • attached hood
  • zipper, or hook and loop front closure are available

Size: Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large, 2X Large, 3X Large, 4X Large & 5X Large. 

Materials: Polyethylene, PVC, Polyurethane, or 200 Denier Nylon

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Rich Industries coveralls are made from the finest durable Polyethylene, Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), high strength Polyurethane, 200 Denier Nylon Polyurethane Coated material and maximum protection from our Multi-layered Laminated Reinforced material.

  • Standard features include:
  • Air inlet tube and exhaust
  • Attached boots and dosimeter strap
  • Attached hood
  • Zipper, or hook and loop front closure are available

All of our coveralls are designed and manufactured to provide optimum protection in hazardous environments.Many of our suits as well as other products can be certified incinerable

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Aprons and Sleeves


Our Aprons are designed to meet your most stringent requirements and are made from the finest quality pvc, polyethylene, polyurethane, laminates and coated materials available.

  • Thicknesses of .002 through.040 gauge
  • Wide variety of gauges, widths, lengths, materials, and styles to choose
  • Finished or unfinished edges


Rich Industries all-purpose sleeves designed to provide protection for the wrist and arm areas of the body.

  • We can construct any length of sleeve required
  • Wide array of plastic or fabrics.

The sleeves may be held in place with various fasteners including elastics, rubber bands, snaps or hook and loop fasteners

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Air Supplied Bubble Hood


<li> Supplied-air type C constant flow respirator without exhalation valves
<li> Hood comprised of 20 mil clear PVC
<li> Double bib drape made of 8 mil yellow PVC
<li> Adjustable Belt
<li> Hood includes two channels for breathing tube support
<li> Port on rear for breathing tube access
<li>Tie off on top of hood for hanging
<li> Quick escape tear strip
<li> Hose includes snap clip to attach to belt
<li> 50' and 100' air supply hose lengths available. Both are comprised of steel reinforced tubing (Kuriyama part number: K7160*), quick disconnect socet/female (Easton Hansen Series 3700*), 2 ferrules (Fastenal part number: 7327*), & a quick disconnect male/plug (Hansen #17*).
<li> Air supply hoses constructed with steel reinforced tubing (Kuriyama part number: K7160*) to reduce kinking concerns associated with nylon reinforced tubing

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We manufacture a complete line of protective headapparel such as air-fed and splash protection hoods to be worn with our one-piece coveralls and two-piece lightweight apparel. All of our hoods are made to protect the neck, ear and face areas. Most hoods are used in conjunction with respirators and hard hats, but several models can provide complete encapsulation. Additionally, our hoods can be supplied with air distribution systems or they can be adapted to existing systems.

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Booties and Shoecovers


Our "sock" style booties are fabricated from the highest quality Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyurethane and Polyethylene available and are electronically heat sealed in one continuous seam to provide maximum protection.

  • Thickness range from 0.003 mil through 0.020 mil
  • Length varies from 11" to 17", and a standard height of 17".


Our shoecovers are a low-cut design styled especially for protection of the sole, toe, arch, and heal area of normal footwear.

  • Constructed of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), Polyurethane, and Polyethylene
  • Various material thicknesses and embossings as required.
  • Lengths ranging from from 11" through 16"

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