Air Supplied Bubble Hood

Rich Industries Number: 6678

  • Supplied-air type C constant flow respirator without exhalation valves
  • Hood comprised of 20 mil clear PVC
  • Double bib drape made of 8 mil yellow PVC
  • Adjustable Belt
  • Hood includes two channels for breathing tube support
  • Port on rear for breathing tube access
  • Tie off on top of hood for hanging
  • Quick escape tear strip
  • Hose includes snap clip to attach to belt
  • 50' and 100' air supply hose lengths available. Both are comprised of steel reinforced tubing (Kuriyama part number: K7160*), quick disconnect socet/female (Easton Hansen Series 3700*), 2 ferrules (Fastenal part number: 7327*), & a quick disconnect male/plug (Hansen #17*).
  • Air supply hoses constructed with steel reinforced tubing (Kuriyama part number: K7160*) to reduce kinking concerns associated with nylon reinforced tubing

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