Rich Industries Number: Containment Tent

Radiological (Contamination Control)

Rich Industries, Inc. manufactures the widest variety of Radiological (Contamination Control) CONTAINMENTS in the United States and abroad. Our CONTAINMENTS were developed through many years of experience with and for customers just like you. Our CONTAINMENTS are used throughout the United States Navy Nuclear Program, the United States Department of Energy, electrical utility plants, the pharmaceutical industry, research laboratories, chemical plants, and environmental clean-up sites. These CONTAINMENTS are custom manufactured directly to your standards and specifications. Additionally, our CONTAINMENTS are manufactured to meet or exceed the requirements of the American Glovebox Society standard AGS-G002-1998.

Tent Containments

Rich Industries tents create a safe work area by serving as a barrier between hazardous materials contamination areas and clean areas. This controlled environment lessens levels of exposure, reduces cross-contamination, and minimizes cleanup operations.


All seams are electronically heat sealed using the latest RF technology
Tents are constructed of fire retardant materials
Zippers are double stitched and covered with Velcro closure flaps
Tie-off points are reinforced with heavy duty injection molded PVC
Tents are supported by an easy to assemble galvanized steel pipe external frame with custom machined fittings or 2" aluminum pipe with galvanized fittings for a more light weight set up.
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